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Thrawn throws down in this clip from the ‘Star Wars Rebels’ finale

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Put '' em up, Grand Admiral
Image: lucasfilm/disney xd

Star Wars Rebels finishes up a strong 3rd season this weekend and a long-anticipated face-off in between Imperial and Rebel forces is here.

The season presented the Empire’s Grand Admiral Thrawn, a fan preferred character from old Star Wars books understood for his informed tactical shrewd. Thrawn has the tendency to win his fights with brain, not brawn.

But in this clip from the Rebels ending, special to Mashable, Thrawn programs he’s not above utilizing fisticuffs when required.

The Grand Admiral finds a Rebel spy in his own ranks Agent Kallus, an officer who has actually embraced the codename “Fulcrum” as soon as utilized by previous Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano.

Now that his cover’s blown, the Rebel strategy to take our heroes’ world of Lothal remains in jeopardy. And from the complete trailer for the ending, it appears the Rebels are as overmatched by the Imperial fleet as they remain in Rogue One:

The Star Wars Rebels season 3 ending airs on Saturday March 25 and because the program has actually currently been gotten for season 4, we question this is the last we’ve seen of Thrawn or his challengers.

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